Old Map of Warwickshire
Old Map of Warwickshire Detail from an old map of Warwickshire Old Town Plan of Warwick

Warwickshire – an old map by John Speed


An Old Map of  Warwickshire by John Speed

The River Avon divided Warwickshire into two parts. On the south side of river lay Feldon which Speede described as, “with their green mantle is so embroidered with flowers we may behold another Eden”. To the north lay the Forest of Arden (the refuge of Celia and Rosalind in Shakespeare’s play “As you like it”) which supported a large population of small holders and landless cottagers. Although its churches and castles were built from stone, most of the Warwickshire buildings tended to be black-and-white timber framed or cob dwellings. But unfortunately as history tells, this resulted in many of its towns being periodically destroyed by fire. Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon was severely damaged twice in the 1590’s, again in 1648 and once again in 1641. More historical & current maps.

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