Old Map of Scotland c.1610
Old Map of Scotland c.1610 Detail from an old map of Scotland Detail from an old map of Scotland

An Old Scottish Map


An Old Map of Scotland by John Speed

A nicely detailed reproduction of this fine map. Excellent portraits adorn the borders featuring King James, Henry Prince of Wales, Anna, Queen of Britain and Duke of York and Albany. At the top right there’s an inset of the Isles of Orkney. The islands of “Lewys” and the “Hebrides” feature in the Deucalidon Sea which is inhabited with sea monsters and fine old galleons. The usual rights of sale information appears bottom left “Performed by John Speed and are to be sold in Popes Head Alley by John Sudbury and George Humbell Cum Privilegio, 1610.”

  • Authentically aged heavy textured paper  •  12 Colour printing technology  •  Guaranteed to pass or exceed museum quality standards  •  Bespoke framing service   •  Free UK Courier Delivery with tracking

Available in three sizes: Large: 24″ x 31″ (78.7 x 61cms)   Medium: 18″ x 24″ (45.5 x 61cms)  Small: 19.5″ x 14″ (49.5 x 35.5cms)

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