Old Map of Staffordshire
Old Map of Staffordshire Old Town Plan of Stafford Old Town Plan of Lichfield

Staffordshire – an old map by John Speed


An Old Map of Staffordshire by John Speed

The rivers of Staffordshire were the lifeblood of the county and the only sure way of travelling. Staffordshire was a poor farming county with its mineral deposits even more important than its farmland. Large deposits of coal and iron were near the surface and were obtained by open cast mining. This type of mining had a great effect on the landscape of the county creating many shallow pits in close proximity to one another. This formed a wilderness of water filled pits and smoking waste heaps. None of the counties 13 market towns were prosperous and this poverty under the Tudors and the Stuarts can be seen by the smallness of its mediaeval churches and modest timber structures.    

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