Vintage Railway Station Clock Waterloo SWR
Vintage Railway Station Clock Waterloo SWR Clock Dimensions

Vintage Railway Station Clock Waterloo SWR


A fine looking quality reproduction of a Vintage Railway Station Clock featuring a unique distressed dial, wood finish case, metal hands and a brass bezel. It is powered by a high quality quartz battery powered movement. Assembled by hand in the UK to an unsurpassed quality and not to be confused with cheaper imported attempts.



Delving Deeper into the Strangeness of Waterloo Station:

Whilst we have previously mentioned some strange aspects of Waterloo’s history, here are some lesser-known reported incidents and oddities.

1. The Railway Ghost: Rumours of a phantom steam train, its mournful whistle echoing through the tunnels, have persisted for decades. Some believe it’s the spirit of a derailed engine, while others connect it to the “death line” and its grim cargo.

2. The Secret Vaults: Legends circulate about hidden vaults beneath the station, containing lost treasures or even wartime secrets. While their existence remains unconfirmed, the possibility fuels the station’s mystique.

3. The Pigeon Wars: In the 1950s, Waterloo was besieged by pigeons, causing havoc and mess. The station resorted to training hawks to patrol the platforms, leading to aerial battles that captivated onlookers.

4. The Haunting Melody: Some passengers report hearing a faint, melancholic melody playing in the station, with no apparent source. This ghostly music is known to create an unsettling atmosphere for some.

5. The “Platform Zero”: Though platform numbering typically starts with 1, there are rumours of a hidden “Platform Zero,” inaccessible to the public and shrouded in mystery. Its purpose and existence remain a matter of debate.

6. The “ghost trains” phenomenon, where empty trains reportedly depart or arrive at Waterloo at unusual hours. Some attribute it to maintenance runs, while others see it as a paranormal occurrence.

Remember, these are just whispers and tales, but they contribute to the unique character of Waterloo Station. Whether you believe them or not, they offer a glimpse into the station’s rich tapestry, woven with history, folklore, and a touch of the unknown that you’ll be reminded of  when glancing at  your Vintage Railway Station Clock.

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