Large London Victoria Clock
Large London Victoria Clock Dimensions

Victoria Station Clock LWR


Opened in 1862 under the ownership of four railway companies: the London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LCDR), the London, Brighton and South Coast (LBSCR), the London & North Western (LNWR)and most notably the Great Western Railway Company (GWR). In 1923 it was to become under the operation of the Southern Railway Company. You will notice a number features on the dial preceded by SR. The company would have owned many thousands of clocks the records of which would have been contained in a registry. See more below.

This stunning reproduction station clock reproduction is exclusive to The Old Map & Clock Company and features a unique distressed dial, solid wood case, metal hands,  glass lens and a high quality quartz battery powered movement.


Railway companies owned tens of thousands of clocks. Each signal box would have one, stations would have clocks in the booking office, on the platform, in the waiting rooms and in the station master’s office. Every clock would have been entered within the company registry.

Numbers on old station clocks

Clock registers are numerical lists of each clock in ledgers, and always include the location of the clock but sometimes additional details.

Courtesy of  The Railway Museum / Peter Thorpe


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