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Opened in 1900 Paris Lyon (or Gare de Lyon) gets its name from the city of Lyon which was on route for many trains departing from it.

This high quality wall clock is designed and assembled in the UK . From an exclusive range unique to The Old Map and Clock Company this remarkable reproduction features exceptional attention to detail making it an outstanding feature for any wall be it in a modern or traditional setting. Features include a unique distressed dial, engineered wood case with hand graining, metal hands,  glass lens and a high quality quartz battery powered movement for outstanding reliability.

Also available in a stunning extra large edition at 21″

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Paris Gare de Lyon is a landmark steeped in history, architectural beauty, and the bustling energy of travellers coming and going.

Opened in 1849, the station served as the terminus for trains heading southeast out of Paris, connecting the city to Lyon, Marseille, and beyond. Built in a grand Beaux-Arts style, it dates back to 1900. Its elegant façade features a clock tower, sculptures, and ornate details that reflect the grandeur of the era as we trust does our quality wall clock designed as a humble tribute to this iconic landmark .

Today, the station is one of the busiest in France, handling over 100 million passengers annually. It boasts 23 platforms (do allow yourself some time to find the correct one if you’re departing from here!) [Ed] , serving both regional and high-speed TGV trains connecting major French cities and neighbouring countries.


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