Du Nord
Du Nord Dimensions Paris Gare du Nord Station Clock

Paris Nord LBR


This large station clock features a unique distressed dial, heavy black enamelled engineered wood case, metal hands,  glass lens and high torque quartz battery powered movement.

Unique to The Old Map and Cock Company this timepiece is made to the highest quality and will grace any wall or office.


The original Gare du Nord was designed by Léonce Reynaud and constructed by Bridge and Roadway Engineers. The old railway station was demolished in 1860 and the construction of the new station was carried out until 1865.

The new railway station was designed by Jacques Ignace Hittorff, a German-born French architect. Jacques adopted a Beaux-Arts (neoclassical) style of architecture in the design of the railway station, which has a U-shaped terminus.

Construction of the new railway station started in 1860 and was completed in December 1865. The façade of the original station was removed and transferred to Lille.

Five additional tracks were added in 1884 to cope with the increase in railway traffic. Another extension was built in 1889 on the eastern side for suburban rail lines, after which further expansion works were carried out in the 1930s and 1960s.

The railway station features 23 female statues that adorn the 540ft façade representing destinations such as Paris, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels and Frankfurt. The façade is built with several stone slabs, which is supported by a cast iron beam.

The 216ft-wide, 600ft-long interior of the station contains a large central hall and a glass train shed. It is supported by iron pillars manufactured by Alston & Gourley’s ironworks based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Courtesy Railway Technology

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