Unique 17th-century Atlas Sells at Auction for €600,000

Unveiling the Timeless Charm of Historical Maps: A Journey of Discovery

In this blog post, we delve into the captivating world of historical maps, exploring the significance of collecting old maps as investments, examining record auction prices for vintage and antique maps, considering the allure of reproduction maps, and unveiling the digital cartographic treasures available online.

Collecting Old Maps as an Investment

Historical maps represent a captivating fusion of art, geography, and historical significance. Beyond their artistic allure, these antique relics hold considerable potential as investments. Discerning collectors and institutions cherish these tangible representations of the past, creating an enduring demand for these cartographic treasures.

Record Auction Prices for Vintage and Antique Maps

Unique 17th-century Atlas Sells at Auction for €600,000

The world of auction houses and private collectors has witnessed a surge in demand for historical maps, leading to record-breaking prices. Notable pieces, such as the renowned Waldseemüller map and illustrious Blaeu atlases, have fetched substantial sums, highlighting the enduring fascination and cultural value attached to these cartographic wonders.

‘The Blaeu Atlas Maior’  

Reproduction Maps as an Alternative

For those captivated by the charm of historical maps but seeking more accessible options, reproduction maps offer a compelling alternative. Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, these replicas faithfully capture the intricate details and essence of the original antique maps. Though lacking the historical authenticity of their aged counterparts, reproduction maps provide a more affordable and equally enchanting way to adorn spaces with echoes of history and geographical grandeur.

Indeed, we are proud to offer all the maps contained in that wonderful atlas reproduced to a quality that all but a very few experts would on the closest inspection identify as a reproduction. Thus they can be enjoyed by all and become centre pieces and conversation points within your home or office and as time goes by become family heirlooms themselves.

Our Blaeu Map Prints

Our Blaeu Map Prints

Old Maps Online: A Digital Cartographic Odyssey

Embracing the digital age, we discover an extraordinary wealth of historical maps available at our fingertips. Online archives, national libraries such as The British Library, museums, and dedicated historical map databases open the door to a cartographic odyssey like no other. Enthusiasts can now access an array of ancient cartography, tracing the journeys of intrepid explorers and witnessing the gradual evolution of continents across centuries. The digital realm has magnified the accessibility of these historical gems, enabling a global audience to indulge in the wonders of cartographic history.


As we conclude our voyage through the realm of historical maps, we find ourselves enamoured by their enduring charm and the profound insights they offer into past civilizations. Collecting old maps, whether as investments or as artefacts of cultural heritage, unlocks a gateway to the captivating stories of human exploration and discovery. While some may be drawn to the allure of rare antiquities at auction houses, reproduction maps present a more accessible avenue for delighting in the past. Simultaneously, the digital age has revolutionized access, which opens a source of cartographic knowledge and fostering a global community of historical map enthusiasts.

Chart your course through time with the ever-enchanting charm of historical maps and find inspiration in the intricate details and profound narratives etched on these time-worn documents.

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