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John Speed c.1610

A nicely detailed reproduction of this fine map. Excellent portraits adorn the borders featuring King James, Henry Prince of Wales, Anna, Queen of Britain and Duke of York and Albany. At the top right there's an inset of the Isles of Orkney. The islands of "Lewys" and the "Hebrides"
feature in the Deucalidon Sea which is inhabited with sea monsters and fine old galleons. The usual rights of sale information appears bottom left . .

                                                                                                            50 x 37.3cms (19.5" x 14.5") ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Old Map of Scotland  £7.95    ($12.90 US Dollars)


 . . "Performed by John Speed and are to be sold in Popes Head Alley by John Sudbury and George Humbell Cum Privilegio, 1610." Reproduced on our unique parchment that looks and feels just like an antique document. A valuable and rich source of information that will assist and illuminate any Scottish ancestry project.  See all old Scottish Counties >

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