Pembrokeshire History

Described by John Speed c.1610

The map of Pembrokeshire clearly represents the counties landscape of hilly uplands to the north and softer plains to the south, together with its varied coast-land with offshore islands, rocks, headland and havens. The county town of Pembroke was tiny. In fact, John Speed commented that Pembroke was " a city with few inhabitants, and no more houses that inserted in the draught (drawing) yet hath it a fair Cathedral Church".  . .

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. . Even so Henry the seventh, who had been born at Pembroke, was greatly enamoured of the small cathedral city, and the Tudor dynasty bestowed a series of royal favours on it. The town of Pembroke was the first to be incorporated in Wales in 1485 and the shire was chosen for Anne Boleyn's marquessate before her marriage to Henry VIII.                                             

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