Old Map of Nottinhamshire

by John Speed c.1610

From the 10th century Nottinghamshire was known as "the Shire with the wood", which may explain the name of the major forest, Sherwood. Today it is one of the few remaining areas of the great forest of England. The farming was difficult because of the forestation. However, one commodity that was in great demand was liquorice, which was cultivated in the neighbourhood of Worksop. The economy of the county was . .

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. . dependent on coal and iron mining and also a number of small industries such as leather curing and tanning and the carving of Alabaster in the town of Nottingham itself. The old map features a town plan of Nottingham, family coates of arms and an interesting illustration and description of the battle of Stoke in 1487. An unusual gift idea for a man!                                   

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