Old Map of Norfolk includes a fine Old Town Plan of Norwich

John Speede c.1610


The flat nature of Norfolk in the East was exploited by the many windmills, which were of immense importance in the local economy for grinding grain. They were so commonplace that they were not all included in the maps. Norfolk proved to be most useful for breeding and rearing of cattle and flocks of sheep.

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Old Map of Norfolk  £7.95    ($12.90 US Dollars)


Battles in Norfolk of 1381 and 1549 are described, eight Coats of Arms are detailed and a most beautiful old town map of Norwich appears in the top right corner of the map. A list of places is keyed to the map by letters. Ely Cathedral is included in the lower left area; 'Part of Cambridgeshire' whose fine book shop today stocks of our range of reproduction maps.

How awesome is this place . . .

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