Antique Map Reproduction - Leicestershire      See also Leicestershire by Cary

John Speede c.1610  see also Cary >

This Antique Map Reproduction shows Leicestershire was unique in the Midland's of England, for its limited woodland areas and much reduced forests with few deer-parks, but a thriving farming community benefiting from the deforestation and enclosure of common land that had been going on since the Middle Ages. The county town of Leicester was by far the most important and housed the regional headquarters of the Duchy of Lancaster.

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In popular imagination this importance was diminished by the notoriety of two figures buried there. Cardinal Wolsey was buried at Leicester Abbey in 1530, who died on his way to London to answer charges of treason. King Richard took an army to fight Henry of Richmond at Bosworth field III in 1485. His broken body had been brought back to the town "and without tears obscurely buried."

Old English County Maps - Leicestershire

This Antique Map Reproduction, part of our collection of Old English County Maps makes an excellent reference for family history research.

It incorporates an early city plan of Leicester.

Early UK City Plan - Leicester

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