Old Map of Italy From the Prospect of the World Atlas 1676

and including the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Corfu (Kerkyra).

A charming antique map carefully reproduced from the original on to special paper that is then treated by our
own unique process to add age to its appearance and texture. Surely the most enchanting map of Italy that has ever been published. John Speed has created enchanting cameos of Verona (the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet), Naples, Genoa, Rome, Venice and . .

See also Corsica . . .                                                                                                             50 x 37.3cms (19.5" x 14.5") ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Old Map of Italy  7.95    ($12.90 US Dollars)


. . Florence that feature along the upper part of the map, and represent probably the very first 'aerial' views of these cities. To the left and right are enthralling vignettes further decorating and enhancing this wonderful antique map and illustrating the costumes and cultures of the times. The islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Corfu (Kerkyra) are shown in fascinating detail, as is an intriguing glimpse of Albania in quite extraordinary detail. A splendid map that also serves as an indispensable reference article for any student of Italian or Albanian history.

Old Map of Italy

St. Spyridon saved the Venetian occupied Corfu on four different occasions . . .


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