Old Map of Hampshire by John Speed - c.1610

Hampshire History

Much of the county was still woodland, including the now protected area of the New Forest. Much of the economy of Hampshire was given to the exploitation of these natural resources. However, the soil was able to produce good corn and grass pasture for the raising of cattle, and its many rivers were full of freshwater fish. John Speed said at the time, the diversity of these commodities was to "the counties great benefit and  _______________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                        

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England's great praise." Note the detail of the coastline - the most accurate in the series. The Hampshire coastline was one of the most surveyed of England, due to concerns over the marine approaches to Portsmouth. This afforded Speed's engraver Hondius extra reference material - even the beacons used to warn of enemy approaches have been detailed.

Old Map of Hampshire

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