Old County Maps - Devon including a town plan of Exeter

Devon by John Speed c.1610

Devon, a farming county of hills, woods and combes, sitting between the Bristol Channel to the north and the British Sea to the south. Devonian Humphrey Gibert, born in Greenaway, founded Newfoundland. His half brother, Sir Walter Raleigh, continued his work of settlement in America and Ireland. The map has an interesting mistake in its engraving history - the Mount Edgecombe and Stonehose area on the Tamar estuary is shown to be in Cornwall - but corrected on the map of Cornwall where it has moved back into Devon.

50 x 37.3cms (appx. 19.5 x 14.5 Inches)                               Old  Map of Devonshire   £7.95   

Antique Map of Devon

Town Plan of Exeter featured within . . .

Old Map of Exeter

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