Old Map of Britannia                                                                                                               

Britannia by John Blaeu - 1650

A fine copy of this famous and decorative map, depicting the ancient kingdoms of Britain, with two side panels. The left-hand border depicts the founders of each of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. On the right are vignettes depicting the conversion of each Kingdom. A fine example of this rare map which was published in Amsterdam by Blaeu in 1650. Intricate in its detail the side panels feature, on the left the founders of the ancient Anglo Saxon kingdoms, and . .

50 x 37.3cms (approximately 19.5 x 14.5 Inches)              Old  Map of Britannia  £7.95    ($12.90 US Dollars) 


. . to the right, beautiful illustrations of the ceromonies establishing the aforementioned kingdoms. Illuminated title in latin: Britannia prout divisa suit temporibus Anglo-Saxonum, præsertim durante illorum Heptarchia.   This fine map print goes to inform and illuminate any Britannia History research project.           

Old Map of Britain

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