Old County Maps - Berkshire c.1610 by John Speede

Berkshire History

Adjacent to the castle picture Speede has engraved the names of the members and a picture of James I in the robes and insignia of the Order. Both Elizabeth I and James I would stay at the castle for both the hunting available at the Great Park and as a stopping place on their journeys to other counties. Berkshire was, and still is, a wealthy agricultural county with small villages and isolated farms surrounding twelve small market towns. The River Thames played an important part in the diet of the county with its abundance of freshwater fish. The map itself is dominated by a splendid view of Windsor Castle as seen from across the Thames.

  50 x 37.3cms (Appx. 19.5 x 14.5 Inches)                     Map of Berkshire   £7.95

Old Map of Berkshire


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