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 For study, reference, family history research or simply a stunning addition to your home decor, you can rest assured that our maps have been individually created with the greatest care. Combining the intrinsic beauty of the originals with the very latest print technology ensures a finished article worthy of any museum exhibit. With prices from just 9.95 (UK Pounds) they are also a fascinating gift idea that's of real interest to all ages and tastes.


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The River Thames

Old Map Thames

A stunning edition that combines the art of the early map-maker with the very latest advances in 12 colour print technology.

Historic Map Cornish

Historical Map of Cornwall




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The ebstorf map

The Ebstorf map was made at the end of the thirteenth century by the nuns of Ebstorf abbey in Northern Germany

Most medieval maps in Europe were made by religious orders - they were the intellectual elite and they also had the resources to create these wonderful works of art. Fortunately the nuns had photographs of the original Ebstorf map so after its loss in the war they were able to make a magnificent copy of their lost treasure. Reproductions in books or as prints can not do it justice, to see it at some 10' tall is absolutely breathtaking It's not really a map as we understand it in modern terms it's a kind of vast encyclopedia of 13th century European knowledge. It's form as a map may be unrecognizable to us as we look at it now but as you begin to study it a little deeper it starts to make some kind of sense. This is a map of three continents Asia sits at the top - the entire top half of the map, Africa sits to the right whilst tucked into the bottom left corner is Europa Anglia: England.

But this is also a map of what is known to the thirteenth century mind on even closer study of the the edges of the map you'll start to see extraordinarily monstrous figures. Gog and La Gog these two fearful creatures - canibals: monstrous figures eating human
flesh - also contained in the margins the massa jetts (children who eat their parents) and back into Africa more monstrous races griffin like figures, snakes, strange half animal half human creatures, figures with no eyes and no heads. creatures with no arms and it becomes even more monstrous as you run up the African coast.

But there are more familiar local features - Germany is shown with its rivers and towns and the Ebsdorf Abbey is clearly marked too.


The Environment and Health Atlas

Released in 2014 and the most modern achievement in cartographic works they detail environmental agents and health conditions by location across England and Wales.

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